Volunteer Interest Form 

Are you ready to be part of the Capital Compassion team? 

Please complete the form below if you are interested in getting involved with our community outreach efforts and supporting us at the warehouse and in the city of Sacramento. By submitting your information, you will be placed on our email list and text messaging communication platforms. 

We use the app "Planning Center Services" to send out sign up emails when we have volunteer opportunities available. After completing the form below with your availability, you will receive an email from "Planning Center" to create a login and be added to our sign up system. 

Various opportunities will emerge as we build out the calendar year. We also post our events on our website with details. 

We will have different shifts available all throughout the week at the warehouse and community events on the weekends or weeknights. Each volunteer opportunity is broken down into 3-hour shifts and will include tasks like packing, sorting, organizing, events and more. As we expand, there will be community events, food giveaways, homeless initiatives, special need/disability opportunities and more!

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